Editors – The Weight Of Your Love

01. The Weight
02. Sugar
03. A Ton Of Love
04. What Is This Thing Called Love
05. Honesty
06. Nothing
07. Formaldehyde
08. Hyena
09. Two Hearted Spider
10. The Phone Book
11. Bird Of Prey


Editors return with a more natural guitar sound on their fourth studio album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ after 2009’s synth heavy ‘In This Light And On This Evening’. However don’t take this to be a step backwards, like with all of the bands previous releases they go bigger and bolder then the last and you hear the progression made in several areas, the most notable being Tom Smith’s vocals in which he goes into bold new areas of both power and deliver.

The Weight Of Your Love, like previous Editors albums, is dark, uplifting and in places down right sad whilst being so damn beautiful. Songs such as “A Ton of Love”, the first single to be lifted from the album, is a full on assault of snarling guitars, heavy drums and a vocal performance that makes you take notice of the force of nature that it is. A Ton Of Love is one of many tracks on the album that features a distinct similarity in sound to an early and adventures U2, however I also hear element of some early R.E.M throughout the album also, whether by design or by mistake they are there but not always in the most obvious way.

Songs such as “What Is This Thing Called Love” & “Nothing” are tender and will bring on that feeling of comfort in the sadness that swirls around you and gives you that I’m going to cry feeling, if they don’t indeed make you do so.

The albums final 2 tracks “The Phone Book” & “Bird of Prey” are haunting and epic in that way that only Editors do best, with a nice balance of melody and words over music that is both full and sparse in it delivery.

Editors have yet again managed to release an album in which after just 3 songs in you say to yourself or the people listening with you that “this is a full 10 out of 10 album”, a set of songs that belong together and not one of them bad or out of place, which always leads me to the statement of “how the hell do they do it so consistently!?”

The Weight Of Your Love is so good it will make you cry and yet another reason why I love this band and would stand up and fight that Editors are the best band from Britain if not the world around right now!


The Weight Of Your Love by Editors is Release on July 1st 2013 via PIAS Records.


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