KT Tunstall – Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon (Album Review)


01. Invisible Empire
02. Made Of Glass
03. How You Kill Me
04. Carried
05. Old Man Song
06. Yellow Flower
07. Crescent Moon
08. Waiting On The Heart
09. Feel It All
10. Chimes
11. Honeydew
12. No Better Shoulder
13. Bonus Track – Feel It All (Band Jam)

KT Tunstall returns with her 4th studio album with a stripped back back version of her normal self, gone are the big feel good indie pop numbers like Suddenly I See and Fade Like A Shadow and in are the vast opened space tunes soaked in sadness, heartbreak and tragedy with what sound like minimal everything in the production value, however this is not a bad thing and you feel it all (no pun intended) a little bit more.

When I first saw the album title I automatically came to the conclusion that the album was going to be in two parts with separate identities and in some way it is, However I feel that the “Crescent Moon” part of the album, barring the title song is better suited for the Invisible Empire half. Nonetheless this is a fine album and would be perfect for those lazy cold afternoons next to the fire whilst it rains or snows outside your window. Its a sleepy little number that holds you close whilst you drift off into the journey of the record, drawing images of the big lonely desert.

This probably won’t be a record for every KT Tunstall fun, especially those that love her big indie pop classics that I stated above and for the outsider I would think a couple of listens would be in order to truly get into the album and unstained the message within.

After just one listen my stand out tracks were ‘Invisible Empire’, ‘Carried’, ‘Honeydew’ & ‘No Better Shoulder’ along with ‘Feel It All’ the lead off single.

All in all a solid album with lots of heart and soul to it, I can’t say its KT’s best album but it has the feeling of an album that may creep up you and slowly tug at your heart to you let it in and embrace it as such.

Rating: 4/5

Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon by KT Tunstall is out now via Virgin Records.


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