Album Review: The Soft White Sixties – Get Right.

The Soft White Sixties - Get Right

The Soft White Sixties – Get Right


01: City Lights
02: Up To The Lights
03: Lemon Squeezer
04: Don’t Lie To Me
05: Rubber Band
06: Roll Away
07: Treat Me
08: I Ain’t Your Mother
09: You Are Gold
10: Tilt-A-Whirl

Get Right the debut album by California’s The Soft White Sixties is simply a modern classic for rock n roll lovers the world over. Mixing a blend of Soul & RnB with Rock n Roll, this album has it all. The band come out kicking and screaming with the energetic anthem ‘City Lights’ that kicks and pulls at you till you are jumping around and singing along.

On ‘Lemon Squeezer’ Lead singer Octavio Genera has a hint of Gaz Coombes about his vocal while on ‘Don’t Lie To Me’ he conjures up his inner Bono over a musical backdrop that sounds like it has been taken out of U2s ‘Achtung Baby’ or ‘Zooropa’ sessions.

The tender touch of the album is the heart wrenching ‘Roll Away’ which is an anthem for the heartbroken.

Get Right is an album that you will instantly fall in love with and is full of great tunes from start to finish. I really haven’t heard an energetic rock album like this in some time which makes its entry into the world on March 4 even more exciting.

Head over to the bands Noise Trade site and get yourself a sampler album now!

The Soft White Sixties are also featured on the February podcast which is available to listen & download now!

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