Glastonbury Thoughts & Opinions

With Glastonbury 2014 now in the books, I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on the festival and what I took from some of the performers and what the future of those artists are.

My first thoughts on this years festival must go to one of the hottest topics about any festival and that is the headliners. This year saw one of the biggest debates when it comes to a Glastonbury headliner, even more so then when Jay Z topped the bill back in 2008, in the form of Metallica.

I didn’t have much of a problem with Metallica headlining the festival, I had more of an issue with Beyonce as a headliner, I had more issues with Jay Z topping the bill at the time but looking back now I think he worked better than Metallica. Now I have no problem with Metallica, I have seen them live, but they just didn’t seem to fit what Glastonbury is all about. I watch the coverage on TV so I can’t say what it was like atmosphere wise on the farm but 4 songs in I was already getting restless, 7 songs in I was downright bored.

This came after an amazing show on Friday night when Arcade Fire took to the pyramid stage and blew my mind. I wasn’t even expecting to enjoy the show after hearing and reading several negative things about their shows, but by the end of the night, I wanted to see them live in person.

Then came Sunday night and Kasabian. Raw energy from start to finish and the only band I saw get the crowd bouncing and truly rocking. Both Arcade Fire & Kasabian put everything they had into their performances and totally went for it, Metallica’s show felt flat and uninspired, it seemed just like another night at the office.

I still haven’t decided who exactly won the battle of the headliners, What I do know is that Metallica are in the 3rd spot.

Whilst watching the coverage on Sunday I came to the conclusion that the 1975 will make a great headliner some point in the future. Now granted anything can happen and bands split up for whatever reason, but just seeing what I saw from the ’75 I feel they will be a great headliner for the future.

I also believe London Grammar will be a headliner some point in the not to distant future, I could see them headlining within 2 years on the park stage before taking the other stage or the pyramid stage further down the road.

I have been of the strong belief for the past couple of years now that Elbow deserve to headline the great festival. They fit what is referred to the sunset slot due to the beautifully sad & jolly good sounds they bring to the table but I believe they have paid their dues and would like to see them headline and I’m calling for that to happen next year if not the year after.

Editors are another band that always draw a massive crowd at that festival when on the bill, they were absent from the festival this year but a headline slot is much deserving on a band that are always solid and know how to put on a good show, I do see them more on the other stage than the pyramid but I’m sure they would draw no matter the stage.

Ellie Goulding put on yet another fine performance and looked good doing it. She pulled a huge crowd and everyone was having a good time dancing and singing along. I have seen her live twice and know the energy she brings to the room and believe she has what it takes to headline the most iconic festival in the world.

One of the bands that I really took notice of this year was Chvrches. Up until this point I had never actually heard them only of them. I really enjoyed what I heard and the crowd was very much into them, I see a good festival future for them.

I am planning on watching many of the performances from the BBC website to see more of certain sets and because I am now deeply in Glastonbury withdrawal.

All in all, Glastonbury 2014 was one of the best I’ve seen and enjoyed most of what the BBC showed, however I was very much annoyed at the lack of information on why they didn’t show any of the Massive Attack set, I was later informed by the BBC Glastonbury Twitter account that they asked for their performance not to be recorded or broadcast. In the petty BBC way they failed to even let the viewing public know this, the viewing public like me who were waiting to see the performance. I am also rather annoyed by the lack of Manic Street Preacher in the coverage but to be honest I was expecting it, After all a political view that doesn’t match up with the broadcasters in a massive no no.

So heres to this years festival and hoping that 2015 brings another solid festival with 3 nights of Headliners & headliners that actually match up well with the festival and the festival goers.

That’s it for me when it comes to the summer of festivals, none of the others even come close to standing up to Glastonbury, but to any of you reading this that are attending any of the other festivals going on here in Britain or around the world, I hope you have a great and safe time.


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