Album Review: Gotham Green – Child Of An Immigrant


01. Intro (48 Straight)
02. Highs & Lows
03. Come Too Far
04. Pain In My Heart
05. R.I.P. (It’s Over) Featuring JoJo Pellegrino & Marika
06. Nostalgia
07. We Came Up Featuring D. Edge
08. Good Life Featuring Know One
09. The Way I Spit
10. Government Name Featuring Wax
11. Cross Island Expressway Featuring Kool G Rap & Nature
12. Quality Bars
13. Life’s A Test
14. Mistakes Featuring Jes Hudak
15. Duck Featuring Hit Skrewface
16. Poverty Is Paradise
17. Hard Livin’

Gotham Green is back with Child Of An Immigrant, a brand new album of 17 tracks of old school rap for a modern hip hop era.

I have been a fan of Gotham’s work since I discovered him about four years now on his Haze Diaries Volume 3 outing, I completed my collection at the time by getting my hands on Volumes 1 & 2 and got my copy of HDv4 when it was released.

With Child Of An Immigrant Gotham takes a slightly different path with some of his lyrical content whilst keeping the style and flow that everyone is accustomed to from the new york rapper.

Like on his previous releases he is joined on a track by the Jes Hudak (Mistakes), through whom I discovered Gotham in the first place, other collaboration come in the form of Jo Jo Pellegrino & Ma Rika (R.I.P. It’s Over), D. Edge (We Came Up), Know One (Good Life), Wax (Government Name), Cool G Rap & Nature (Cross Island Expressway) & Skrewface (Duck).

The album is top notch from start to finish and the subject and stories that flow with every rhyme keep you engaged along with the old school hip hop vibe that makes up the music section.

If you are a fan of old school rap or just the rap game in general I recommend this album to you, if however you like the modern day dance hall auto tuned to the max style, I’d probably stay clear since you won’t appreciate the greatness in Gotham and this fine collection.


Child Of An Immigrant is out now on Won’t Make It Music


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