Definitely 90s

Around the time I decided it was time to get The Alternative Nation Podcast rolling again I had the idea to do a show that paid homage to what for me is the greatest period in music – the 1990’s. I understand that some of you that will find this here post will say “hold on a minute, I think you’ll find that the 60’s/70’s/80’s was the greatest period in music” and I’m not disagreeing with your opinion, I love lots of music from those periods but the 90’s for me were the coming of age years, the years in which I full developed by thought process and broke out of the mould that gets forced upon children both from parents and the school system, which was and still is one of my most hated things ever.

The 90’s produced music that spoke to my soul and connected with who I was and wanted to be, I was a teenager during the Brit Pop boom and was full of piss and vinegar, teenage angst was well and truly alive in me and to be honest I don’t feel like it ever fully left me and for me I think that is good, it keeps a small part of child like abandon within me and I have always thought that adults loose to much of that thought process and feeling and that is what leads to living an uneventful and boring life.

So this is why the 90’s holds a piece of my heart, it was the era and music period that formed me and my record collection and I wanted to honour that in someway and so Definitely 90’s was born. The first show went live on November 19 2015 with a new show posted every Thursday (I chose this day since that is the social media phenomenon day of #ThrowbackThursday).

I would like to invite you the visitors of this site, the reader of this blog and the listeners of The Alternative Nation Podcast to visit my Mixcloud profile and have a listen. The show is FREE to listen to and a login is not required. If you like the show be sure to bookmark the page and check back every Thursday for a new episode and of course spread the word by sharing it with all your friends and family, oh and whilst your at it why not send them over to The Alternative Nation page on Mixcloud & iTunes.


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