Review: Zayn – Mind Of Mine


01. Mind of Mindd (Intro)
02. PillowTalk
03. It’s You
04. BeFour
05. She
06. Drunk
08. Rear View
09. Wrong (feat. Kehlani)
10. Fool For You
11. Borderz
12. Truth
13. Lucozade
14. TiO

Around a year ago news broke that Zayn Malik had split from One Direction to pursue a solo career. In January of this year (2016) Malik announced his first single ‘Pillowtalk’ a slow paced R’n’B jam with raunchy undertones. He followed this up by performing another new song ‘It’s You’ on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show before releasing audio tracks of 2 further songs ‘BeFour’ & ‘Like I Would’ via his YouTube channel.

All these songs are featured on his debut solo effort (Like I Would only being available on the deluxe edition) entitled ‘Mind Of Mine’ which is available tomorrow (March 25th).

This is would be a solid debut album by any artist but my main focal point when listening kept coming back to “How was this guy in One Direction!?”. I had been checking out the new tracks when he was releasing them and was sort of waiting for the hammer to drop and be more atypical of no meaning 1D music but it never did. Now at this point I would like to make clear that I have never paid any attention to 1D, I just know that they are not my thing and whatever I have heard I don’t take anything from them.

Zayn has put together collection of tunes that not only showcase his own personality but take you the listener through a journey of musical styles mixing R’n’B, Electronic and Funk with a slight sprinkling of pop and managed to do it all without featuring countless amounts of rappers spitting pointless verses just for the sake of it.

If you find yourself reading this and thinking “yeah but this album really isn’t for me” I would say give it ago, unless your not a fan of the style stated above in which case this album really won’t be your cup of tea. If on the other hand you like most music and have been wondering about this album or even if you haven’t I would say get yourself a copy and enjoy it for what it is not what you may think it is.

Overall I applaud Zayn for stepping away from a position with a group he did not belong and set a path of his own with songs that are not just good but for the most part are unsuitable for those bratty over the top girls that like to call themselves Directioners.

STAND OUT TRACKS: PillowTalk, It’s You, BeFour, Rear View, Borderz
RATING: 10/10


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