Review: All Saints – Red Flag

01: One Strike
02: One Woman Man
03: Make U Love Me
04: Summer Rain
05: This Is A War
06: Who Hurt Who
07: Puppet On A String
08: Fear
09: Ratchet Behaviour
10: Red Flag
11: Tribal
12: Pieces




All Saints have returned with their fourth studio album Red Flag, their first since 2006’s Studio 1.

I’ll go on record now and say that this is the first All Saints records I’ve ever listened to although I am well aware of their music since I spent a lot of time in front of MTV in my youth when MTV actually played music videos, shocking I know – that MTV played music videos not that I sat in front of music videos when I was younger. I am also a massive fan of their song Pure Shores which featured on the soundtrack to The Beach.

Red Flag starts out really solid and continues that way for 8 songs and then it gets a little sketchy for the final 4 songs.

One of the songs that stood out to me was ‘Summer Rain’, a slow paced song led by a beautiful acoustic guitar hook, its got everything you need from a soulful pop song, I liked this song so much I’m considering it for the April podcast.

You can tell with this album that it’s a very personal record with opening track ‘One Strike’ being inspired about the breakup of group member Nicole Appleton’s marriage to Liam Gallagher of Oasis fame and Beady Eye failure. From ‘One Strike’ the album continue down a similar sound and theme, but then comes track number 9 which is titled ‘Ratchet Behaviour’ which abandons all the good work and sounds done in the previous tracks and goes down a weird modern dance hall/reggae style, I did get into the groove of it slightly but I did find myself overly disappointed in it compared to what I had previously heard.

Unfortunately ‘Ratchet Behaviour’ starts the downward spiral from what was a solid album, title track ‘Red Flag’ comes up flat and penultimate track ‘Tribal’ seemed to pass me by without me even noticing which isn’t the best thing considering I was only concentrating on this album.

The album ends with a song called ‘Pieces’ which is a fine album ender and slightly gets back on track with the first 8 songs but it doesn’t hook you in, in the same way.

So to sum up if you were previously a fan of All Saints then you should be more than happy with this record and that the girls are back together. If your a general music listener/buyer then I would say give it a go and don’t be put off by my lack of love for the final 4 songs, this is all just my opinion after all. If your on the fence or not really into girl groups/pop music I’d say that All Saints aren’t your typical “Girl Group” and don’t make the obvious girl group music and would highly recommend you giving this album a go.

A solid album overall with a bit of a wobbly backend :s

STAND OUT TRACKS: One Strike, One Woman Man, Summer Rain, Who Hurt Who, Puppet On A String
RATING: 7/10


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