Album Review: Echos – Echos

Echos – Echos
Seeking Blue

01. Coda
02. Take
03. Say It
04. Haunt
05. Stay
06. Gold
07. Leave Your Lover
08. Fiction

Echos are a duo that are quickly become a favourite of mine, I discovered them a couple months ago whilst looking for music to play on the podcast and have been steadily blown away with every new piece of music they release and this theme continues with the release of their self titled debut EP.

Blending swirling airy synth pads with harsh beats and the beautiful breathy vocals of singer Lexi Norton, Echos don’t just make any electronic music, they make electronic music filled with feeling, deep emotion and cold atmospheric exterior that somehow feels like a warm blanket wrapped around your soul in the same way that London Grammar manage to do.

Echos is the perfect release for the colder weather and longer nights that are currently creeping in this time of year, at least here in the northern hemisphere anyway.

I could not recommend this release more if I tried, If you like your music filled with touching atmosphere and emotions and vocals so chilling they will make your soul weep from every available opening then this is for you and if you don’t then you have something seriously wrong with you and should see someone about it quick sharpe.

RATING: 10/10


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