Album Review: Kings Of Leon – WALLS

Kings Of Leon – WALLS

01. Waste A Moment
02. Reverend
03. Around The World
04. Find Me
05. Over
06. Muchacho
07. Conversation Piece
08. Eyes On You
09. Wild

Kings Of Leon return after 3 years away with their 7th offering WALLS.

The album sees the band return with a better offering after the mediocre Mechanical Bull but still manages to fall short of their best work. Album opener Waste A Moment see’s the band return to the anthemic sound that made them so popular with music fans and festivals goers alike.

However the band have lost the art of writing exceptional albums with the last coming with 2008’s Only By The Night. Of the songs that make up the first half of the album its the two bookend tracks that truly standout for me although Find Me is a pretty solid offering.

The second half of the album starts with a wild west inspired track Muchacho and although somewhat catchy in its style, I still feel somewhat underwhelmed by it. The band then refind their form with Conversation Piece, blending a mixture of Youth & Young Manhood with their current style, this works well but mostly because there is a nice air of nostalgia.

We don’t get another truly outstanding song again till the album closer and title track WALLS, which is a slow moving southern ballad. with a constant pulsing beat layered with sporadic piano and guitars, I truly touching moment to end what is otherwise a very poor album.

I was anticipating the release of WALLS since I was interested to see what the band would do after 2 very lacklustre albums in Come Around Sundown & Mechanical Bull, unfortunately

I was again left underwhelmed and disappointed. I had high hopes but the fears I had coming in came out fast that Kings Of Leon just aren’t as good as they once were, they are so far removed from the long hair, chain smoking southern rockers they were when they first burst on the scene that they are hardly recognisable anymore.

I mean don’t get me wrong I have nothing against bands evolving and changing things up with the style or set up but only if its for the better and when it comes to Kings Of Leon they have found a way to remove the essence of what made them great and so loved by those earlier mentions music fans and festival goers.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Waste A Moment, Over, Conversation Piece, WALLS
RATING: 7/10


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