Review: Royal Teeth – Amateurs

Royal Teeth – Amateurs
Round Hill Records

01. Kids Conspire
02. Is It Just Me
03. Paper Cut
04. Amateurs
05. Villian
06. Only You

On Amateurs Royal Teeth bring you a collection of anthemic high energy pop rock songs with a nice sprinkle of electronics that will have you head bobbing and dancing around like a maniac, but don’t let that urge to dance around like a maniac detract you from actually sitting down and listening to the songs as this would be doing a disservice to the music and the band.

Lead off single “Kids Conspire” grabs you from the off with it’s jangly guitars, infectious beat infused with a beautiful blend of synth/electronics work that brings the song together with Nora Patterson’s passionate vocals.

With “Is It Just Me” you could be mistaken for thinking you were listening to Metric, Patterson delivers a vocal on par with that of Emily Haines if not a mimic of her singing style, if this was a coincidence then its a happy one and doesn’t detract from the song and in no way distracts you or at least shouldn’t after reading this, I spent a good chunk of two listens trying to figure out who the vocal sounded like and it was obvious all along.

“Paper Cut” brings Nora and guitarist/vocalists Gary Larsen together on lead vocal duties and again brings the high energy that could fill stadiums let alone the arenas of the world and this continues on title track “Amateurs” a song about possibility and going after what you want in life with Nora declaring “I have dreams and they are gigantic” and “take what you can and do what you love”.

Gary Larsen comes center stage on “Villain” bringing a change to proceeding whilst keeping the energy high and music infectious in a song about moving on but feeling bad about it.

“Only You” closes out the EP with a more aggressive rock sound and outlook than the rest of the record and is more guitar heavy then the 5 previous numbers but its a nice change of pace to end things and leaves you wanting more.

“Amateurs” see Royal Teeth deliver 6 tracks of such pure pop rock perfection that it may just be hard for anyone to compete with, be it this year or next.

STAND OUT TRACKS: All of them!
RATING: 10/10

“Amateurs” is out now on Round Hill Records, get your copy by clicking the links above.


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