Review: Isaac Chambers – Planet Fruition

Isaac Chambers – Planet Fruition
Jumpsuit Records

01. Communicate (Featuring Bluey Moon)
02. Confidence Of Equals
03. Cornerstone (Featuring Bluey Moon)
04. Change
05. Dusty Swamp Jives (Mystic Beats & Isaac Chambers)
06. Lily Moon (Featuring Jarrod Brereton) (Instrumental Remix)

Until recently I’d never heard the name Isaac Chambers let alone any of his music, So when I came across ‘Planet Fruition’ whilst looking for podcast artists I pushed played and instantly fell into the groove.

‘Planet Fruition’ was a record that in someway surprised me with its old school Hip Hop stylings that made me fall in love with the Hip Hop/RnB genre back in the 90s.

You would be mistaken when listening to the sound of this record to think that Isaac would be a New York native however you would be about 7,789 miles away from the truth, Isaac is from New Zealand and now bases himself out of Melbourne, Australia.

This album has a nice chilled vibe as well, great for a late night/early morning chill session especially on ‘Cornerstone’ and ‘Change’ both of which stood out to me instantly.

This is an album that you ignore at your own risk, you won’t find a funkier sounding record this side of the millennium let alone this year, which I know is bold considering we are just a week into 2017 but hey this is a great record and I’m certainly now aware of Isaac Chambers and will be looking out for future releases as well as delving into his back catalog.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Cornerstone, Change
RATING: 8/10

“Planet Fruition” is out now on Jumpsuit Records, get your copy by clicking the links above.


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