Ch-ch-ch-changes (Coming To The Site & Show)

In the coming weeks you will notice some changes to the alternative nation both here on the website and on the podcast. The changes are in the grand scheme of things small but I believe they will give the site and the podcast a little breath of life, everything you know and even maybe love about the site and the show will remain but I felt that it was time for some changes and to freshen both areas up a little.

So what are these changes and when will they come into affect… well lets get into that shall we, lets start with the podcast.

First things first the core of the show is staying the same, the show will be delivered to your desired pod catcher along with Mixcloud and Spreaker the last Thursday of every month just as it is right now so no need to worry about any of that, the changes being made are subtle but at the same time give the show a bit of a fresh vibe, so lets get into these changes.

As of the upcoming January show the The Alternative Nation Podcast will have some sparkly new show art. The current artwork has been in use since the show made its full time return back in November 2015 and it just felt that it was time to change things up and go with something a little more like a logo than what I had.

For those of you that follow the show on social media/streaming sites you would have already seen the new artwork, but for those of you that don’t or have yet to see it here it is…


I really like this new art and the logo aspect which makes it easy for branding other areas and aspects along with revolving background images or colours as and when the situations call for it.

The Shows Tagline.
Along with the new show art, I have decided it is time for a change when it comes to the shows tagline. For the 10 years I have been doing the show/website the tagline has always been “Bringing You The Best In Alternative Music Worldwide”, from the upcoming January show the tag line will be “Where Music Comes First”.

The reasoning behind this change is that it better reflects my goal and motive for the show. It has always been my opinion that music broadcasting should be about just that, the music. I don’t like how lots of music based show/stations use tag lines and promote themselves as being all about the music only to fill the space between the songs with nonsensical drivel that is not needed. I have always tried to keep my speaking to a minimal letting you know, who the artist is, what song you heard is, where you can get it and occasionally what label the artist is signed to and that will remain the same going forward and I felt the new tagline better reflected that and what the shows purpose is.

The January show will also debut a brand new intro that will feature some recorded parts from artists previous played on the show. The intro sees those parts chopped up and edited however they will also feature in the show as clean unedited jingles, I also hope to add some more in at a future date if I can find some more artists happy to record some for me.

How The Show Is Recorded.
Up until now I have recorded the show in a very controlled way. I find the songs I place them in to Logic Pro, arrange them to blend and flow in the order that is best and then record all my scripted parts. This is a very safe way of doing the show and until recently the only way I had of bringing you 60 minutes of great music a month. However last summer I purchased a new toy to help make the show a little less static. This toy was the Native Instruments Traktor S8 Controller.

With the Traktor S8 I can record the show in a live setting, meaning that instead of having to sort the music, record my parts and then arrange it all to what you hear every month, I can load my playlist, mix and arrange it live as if the show was live on the radio.

This is a change that I will be bringing in in the coming months and will help freshen things up for me and will push me forward in my abilities both as a broadcast DJ and speaking on a microphone without the safety net of being able to re-record any part that I don’t like and make things feel a little less static on my part.

New Features & Specials.
I am also looking into adding some new features to the show.

One of these features as already made an appearance on the show. Spotlight would highlight an artist or record label that I feel needs more than just a song. This feature would give you 3-4 songs from said artists/labels in one go to help promote them more.

I have also been considering doing some special shows along side the regular monthly show in which I showcase music from different parts of the world in which I would pick a country and play artists from different genres for that part of the world or genre specific shows in which I would concentrate on one genre for the whole show.

Now lets move over to the website…

The website itself won’t see many major changes just like on the podcast side of things but like the podcast I felt it was time to clean things up a bit.

So what changes are coming to the web side of things…

New Branding.
With new show art work this is an obvious change to make, New headers will be added to reflect and match the new podcast artwork.

This is one area of the site that I’ve never really been happy with and from time to time I like to look at how you the user navigates around the site and what is and isn’t needed. I have have been doing this again over the last few months, one of the reasons for looking at this is that the site contains areas that I don’t find time to add to and keep updated making them dead areas of the site.

Over the coming weeks I shall be delving into the navigation section and trimming some of the fat off and reworking some of the areas. I have already made one change in adding a link called “Songs”, Songs is replacing “First Listen”.

The Alternative Nation TV has also been replaced with Videos. This change came about as I felt it reflected better to what this section was and is. In this section you will find all the hottest and latest music videos along with cool music based documentaries.

More Blogs.
Another goal on the site side of things is to do more of this. Blogging in something that I enjoy doing a lot but never seem to get around to it. I’m not really a writer in a journalistic sense but I do have thoughts and opinions on the music scene and I will do my best to post more to this section.

So there you have all the changes coming to the website and the podcasts in 2017 but I’m not stopping there, I have also been looking into upping the site/shows social media presence. Social Media is very important to brand growth and a good way of getting your message out to the world and I plan on taking steps to use these platforms as a way of bring great music to the world.

On a side note I am also looking to get the show picked up on internet radio, so please get in touch with me if you know an internet radio station or indeed run or work at one where you think the show would fit in or indeed contact a station and let them know you would like to see The Alternative Nation added to their schedule.

Thanks for reading, stay gold everybody.


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