Review: Savoy – Tomorrow Today Pt.1


Savoy – Tomorrow Today Pt.1

Savoy – Tomorrow Today Pt.1

01. Say No More
02. The Wolf (Featuring Bright Lights)
03. The Wolf Pt.2 (He Only Comes Out At Night)
04. Stay (Featuring Jojee)
05. Neon Nebraska (Featuring Porsches)
06. Living Color (Featuring Fatherdude)

On Tomorrow Today Pt.1 American Electro Rock Pop band Savoy deliver a sonically pleasing piece of work that will have you both rocking out and dancing at the time. Blending hard hitting dance floor beats with rocking guitar riffs isn’t the easiest thing to do right and where many have tried and come up short, on Tomorrow Today Pt.1 the guys have got it just right.

Opening track Say No More is a prime example of this, the EP to some degree sits in a no mans land of not really knowing what genre to inhabit but does so in a way that doesn’t distract, in fact it heightens the experience.

This is an collection of tunes that will have your head bobbing and it constantly tries to pull you up on to your feet to get you moving, it makes you want to dance and would even be a perfect edition to your running/work out playlist, I would highly recommend The Wolf for your playlist regardless, its pulsing beat and driving bass line makes it a perfect pace setter and although short and sweet The Wolf Pt.2 (He Only Comes Out At Night) would also fit perfectly into your set as well.

Living Color is also a perfect edition to any DJ set and will certainly get the party going be at the club or a house party and somehow manages to sit perfectly with the rest of the songs included despite being in a completely different vein.

The EP also see’s some fine collaborations the above mentioned The Wolf features the vocal talents of Brights Lights, whilst the electro pulsing Stay features the vocal skills of Jojee, there are also features from Porsches (Neon Nebraska) and Fatherdude (Living Color).

Savoy are certainly a band to watch closely, with tunes as solid as those found here on Tomorrow Today Pt.1 I expect it won’t be long before the whole world are talking about this band.

Tomorrow Today Pt.1 is a perfect first impression for a discovering new music fan and will certainly leave them and you wanting more and I want more. EP’s are good but Albums, well they are great!

STAND OUT TRACKS: The Wolf, Stay, Neon Nebraska
RATING: 8/10


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