Review: HOLYGRAM – Holygram EP

HOLYGRAM – Holygram EP
Reptile Music

1. Hideaway
2. Daria
3. Acceleration
4. Still There
5. Distant Light
6. Acceleration (D’Evoé Remix)
7. Still There (Blind Delon Remix)
8. Daria (Bob Humid’s No Control Remix)
9. Still There (Dreamed by Box And The Twins)

Holygram may just be one of the best musical discoveries I have made this year, granted we are not a full two months into 2017 yet but still the statement stands and after listening to their self titled debut EP I believe you will understand my point.

The best way to describe the deliciously dark sound is to explain it like a recipe…

Take 1 of the following – Joy Division, The Horrors, Interpol and Heavens, mix them to form a dark desperate sound and bake for 20 minutes. Once cooled add The Cure on top and their you have it, one deliciously dark EP that we call Holygram.

The Hologram EP features five original tracks for the Cologne based band alongside four remixes.

Each track sonically different and yet all in the same vein, all five tracks are dark, haunting, desperate that walks a tightrope between New Wave, Post Punk and Industrial Krautrock and the band describe their music a sinister soundtrack for the city at twilight. Music for the lost.

The music certainly paints a picture of a twinkling city in black and white but also gives you the sense that something rather sinister is watching you or lurking around the corner.

All in all this is a fine release and brings a nice slice of the darker side of the 80’s sound to the 21st century.

Go discover Holygram now, believe me you won’t be disappointed.

RATING: 10/10

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