Review: of Verona – Glass Beach


of Verona – Glass Beach
De Novo Music Group

1. Kids On The Street
2. Can You Hear Me?
3. Under A Purple Sky
4. Glass Beach (Interlude)
5. Fleurs De La Lune
6. Bright Precious Things
7. Wish You Were Here
8. Miracles

of Verona return with their sophomore album ‘Glass Beach’, taking 2.5 years to record across 4 different states and 5 different studios this more moody affair has all the core values of what got the band to this point as well as showing their sonic growth and experimentation.

Opening track ‘Kids On The Street’ (formerly Stay Gold) brings new life and vigour to the duos sound whilst keeping a slither of their debut ‘The White Apple’ alive. You instantly hear the growth of both singer/songwriter Mandi Perkins and her partner in crime Dillion Pace. This is also the most upbeat song on the whole album but in being so also sets the tone for the rest of the collection.

‘Can You Hear Me?’, ‘Under A Purple Sky’, ‘Fleurs De La Lune’ and ‘Miracles’ have all previously seen the light of day over the 2.5 years it has taken of Verona to make this record and brings a much darker vibe and a deeper texture to their electro alt rock sound and when mixed with the delicately haunting vocal of Ms. Perkins you get drawn further into the moody world and feel the almost desperation in the images conjured up in the songs.

‘Glass Beach (Interlude)’ sounds like a snippet of something much bigger to come and leaves me wondering if we will hear a full ‘Glass Beach’ track some point in the near future, it’s a track I feel could really be something special away from simply being a brief window for us to look into.

‘Bright Precious’ Things is anything but bright sonically, this dark moody track lingers in the ether like a looming storm cloud but thats not to say that its a bad song because its not, but again will paint a rather desperate image in your mind.

One of the riskiest things to ever do as an artist is to cover a song by a band that you hold dear but Perkins has attempted this with ‘Wish You Were Here’ and has pulled it off brilliantly. Changing up the leading acoustic guitar for a haunting lead piano take. This is probably the most haunting take on a Pink Floyd song I have ever heard and builds with a nice atmospheric back drop.

All in all this nice little 8 track offering moves the band along the line and brings in many new elements and experimentations to their sound whilst keeping the core sound that garnered the duo the ever-growing fanbase that they have today. ‘Glass Beach’ does however lose some points for me with its length, clocking in at just over 30 minutes and only 8 or 7 and a bit tracks if you count Glass Beach (Interlude), this album could have had just a little bit more, however I think some of this may be selfishness on my part at always wanting more OV.

This is an album worth having in your collection but I would also take the hit financially and pick up their entire musical collection as well if you don’t already have it because of Verona are one of those bands that you always need or indeed want more of. If you can’t fall in love with the soundscapes and pulsing drive of the music and the haunting, beautifully delicate angel like vocals of Mandi Perkins, your have major soul issues.

STAND OUT TRACKS: Kids On The Street, Fleurs De La Lune, Wish You Were Here, Miracles
RATING: 8/10


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