Review: London Grammar – Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

London Grammar – Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
Metal & Dust/Ministry Of Sound

1. Rooting for You
2. Big Picture
3. Wild Eyed
4. Oh Woman Oh Man
5. Hell To The Liars
6. Everyone Else
7. Non Believer
8. Bones Of Ribbon
9. Who Am I
10. Leave The War With Me
11. Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

The long anticipated new album ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ from London Grammar is now out in the world and boy does it deliver.

We have all been enjoying songs ‘Rooting For You’, which is slightly different here, ‘Big Picture’, ‘Oh Woman Oh Man’, ’Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ and recently a live version of ‘Hell To The Liars’ over the past 5 and a bit month. The first unheard piece we get to hear from the album is ‘Wild Eyed’ which starts with a nice tender electric piano vibe but grows in size and structure which somehow takes the song in a different direction to what you first expect whilst also keeping it in the realm of what you was expecting it to be.

This album shows London Grammar have not fallen foul to the curse that plague so many on their second offering, in fact they make this all sound so easy, like writing mind blowing and heartbreaking music is so effortless and it makes you beg the question, if they are this good now, what can we expect from them 5 records down the line? I just don’t see them as a band that will decline in their effort or work, maybe it’s all about taking breaks and taking your time between records, this coming four years after the release of debut ‘If You Wait’, maybe it’s down to releasing your work through your own label and not having the pressure of a major label breathing down your neck and trying to shape you into something you are not, just because they want you to be “the next whoever is big at that moment” for someone else and they want a piece of it.

Musically this album is what you expect from London Grammar but with more grandeur and gravitas, but its not all the same, there is some experimenting here, ‘Non Believer’ for example sounds like London Grammar mixed by Massive Attack and Portishead, just sit and think about that for a minute… yes it does sound as awesome as you think it does. Hannah Reid continues you pull at your soul with her vocals, she has one of, if not the best voices in the business right now and is up there with Hope Sandoval in being able to reach inside of you and evoke whatever emotion it is they are trying to convey in the song, its a voice that can both sooth and break your heart all at the same time.

I have stated before that I believe that ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ will be the album of the summer whilst also being good for all seasons and that certainly is the case, this record sounds like a lazy summers day and yet at the same time is perfect for a lazy wintery duvet day, it’s almost as if they set out to make the perfect year round album that captures the essence of every season. ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ is currently my favourite to take my album of the year but with so many intriguing releases and some big names set to return with new music this year, they have a fight on their hands but for right now, they have a very strong grip on that award.

RATING: 10/10

NOTE: I reviewed this album to the standard edition track listing, however I wrote it listening to the deluxe edition which I would highly recommend picking up because why would you not want more London Grammar music if you can get it?


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