The Alternative Nation Hotlist :: May 12 – 18 2017

This weeks Hotlist contains 11 brand new tracks, including tunes from Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Janelle Kroll & Goldie as well as 2 tracks by Gorillaz who are coming off a solid set at their Demon Days festival at Dreamland in Margate and a tune by Beachwood Coyotes picked because new and heavily played track Face To Face is not currently available on YouTube.

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Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort
PVRIS – What’s Wrong
Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
Coldplay – All I Can Think About Is You
Janelle Kroll – Barricade
Andrew Applepie & Bjurman – Drowning World
MissinCat – Made Of Stone
Gorillaz – Dirty Harry
Mountains Like Wax – (A) Rest
Beachwood Coyotes – Cage
Island Apollo – Hold It Down
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Goldie – Horizons


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