Review: Haim – Something To Tell You

Haim – Something To Tell You

1. Want You Back
2. Nothing’s Wrong
3. Little Of Your Love
4. Ready For You
5. Something To Tell You
6. You Never Knew
7. Kept Me Crying
8. Found It In Silence
9. Walking Away
10. Right Now
11. Night So Long

Haim return with an album that seems out of place in todays scene whilst also sounding fresh and new… so what you expect from the California natives.

Something To Tell You goes beyond what the Haim sisters brought you on debut Days Are Gone whilst keeping everything you love about it and the sound that made them one of todays biggest artists, but this is bigger, its bolder and a lot more vintage.

Nothings Wrong for example sounds like a classic Fleetwood Mac track tinge as it is with some 80s California inspire synth and keyboard licks and the same can be said for You Never Knew which even has some Christie McVie like backing vocals and Chorus that not only sounds like something off of Tango In The Night but again sounds like its right out of Christie McVie’s lyric and performance folder.

Something To Tell You is an album that whilst new and modern and having all the spoils of modern day recording techniques and equipment sounds like it belongs in that weird period of the late 80s and early 90s when artists weren’t really sure where music was going sound wise so just made some of the most sun kissed and chilled out sounds that you could vibe too and thats what Haim are so good at, giving you sun kissed vibes that you can drive around the California coast line to with the top down.

There is however a theme throughout the album of a breakup or lost love but this gives the album more soul and emotion. Walking Away for example sounds like that classic 90s R’NB sound with just the right amount of pop thrown in, you know the era of around 94 when music made the jump from that recently mentioned awkward phase to one of the most golden eras.

I have been waiting patiently to hear this record and now its here I’m not disappointed, after all there is the curse of the second record being so much harder to make, but as anyone who has a deep love and understanding of music knows the best in the business don’t fall at the second hurdle, they leap over it like it as if they were stepping on a curb after crossing the road.

However there are two tracks that have yet to fully sit right with in Ready For You and Kept Me Crying however the more I listen to them the more I’m getting into them.

So in closing if you loved Days Are Gone then you will more than love this record, if you didn’t love Days Are Gone then you should give Something To Tell You a listen because it has enough distance to its predecessor to be different whilst keeping the good parts intact and if you just don’t like Haim then why are you reading this review?

I want to give this album full marks but theres a voice in the back of my head that say not to and that voice is normally right and so I’ll go with the number that is screaming at me internally but I reserve the right to re-grade the album in the future should I change my mind.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Want You Back, Nothings Wrong, Little Of Your Love, Something To Tell You,You Never Knew, Found It In Silence, Walking Away, Right Now, Night So Long
RATING: 8/10


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