Review: Frequency Cowboy – Move Closer EP

Frequency Cowboy – Move Closer EP
Dactyl Spondee Records

1. Move Closer
2. Only Human
3. Control (Badoos Remix)

Having released his debut single ‘Control’, earlier this year, followed by ‘Win Some Lose Some’ and ‘Are You Out There’ Somerset-based multi-instrumentalist Frequency Cowboy has released the Move Closer EP via Dactyl Spondee Records.

This 3-track offering is both what you would expect from Frequency Cowboy whilst also expanding upon his distinctive sound. This is pure proper pop gold that has been crafted to not only make you move but to make you feel good and warm inside, which is perfect with the cold nipping at our toes.

With this EP we are gifted with two brand new tracks ‘Move Closer’ and ‘Only Human’, both of which are well crafted and structured, Move Closer sounds like something straight out the 80’s or early 90’s pop scene whilst sounding fresh and original, with Only Human being a little bit more upbeat and modern but again has a slight 90’s pop sprinkling on top for good effect. The EP is rounded off with a remix of debut single ‘Control’ by North London electronic artist Badoos, which with its sweeping synths and uptempo beat make this an instant party starter.

Move Closer is a short and sweet release and will definitely whet your appetite for a future long player, which is hopefully dropping sooner rather than later.

RATING: 6/10


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