Review: Wild Forest – Earthbound

Wild Forest – Earthbound

1. Sparks
2. Wait Here
3. In Comes My Love
4. Still Afloat
5. It’s A Dream

With their debut EP Wild Forest bring the perfect winter vibes with their blend of folk, melodic rock with a nice splash of atmospheric vibrant energy.

Earthbound sees a band locked into what they are good at and delivering a sound that is both fresh and new by mixed with a retro folk rock Americana vibe, in fact at times you may find yourself mistakenly thinking your listening to Mercury Rev with the tone of the vocals.

This is music for a night gazing at the stars, there is freedom in the sound but with the openness and the freedom is a sense that the hustle from the city is just over the mountain. Earthbound is perfect for listening in any situation be it at home, out camping or driving day or night, this EP is a delight to listen and worth taking 23 minutes out of your day to enjoy by itself with just you and the music.

Wild Forest are definitely a band to watch and I predict big things for them in the coming years, especially if they can build on what they give on Earthbound and their previously released single offerings. If you only pick up one record this week make it this one, you won’t regret it and for those who love your vinyl be sure to look out for a release coming in the spring of 2018.

RATING: 8/10

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