Listen: Treees – Alberi

Every once in a while a band or artist comes along and all you can found out about them is the music they share, today is one of those days, well sort of… what I can tell you is that Treees are what happens when 2 guys from┬áPescara, Italy meet a girl woman from Toronto, Canada in Venice, California and that woman just so happens to be Mandi Perkins, a favourite of The Alternative Nation from her days as a solo artist to her other current projects of Verona and Essx Station.

Treees released their debut offering this past Friday titled ‘Alberi’ and what a delight this track is. Pulsing, ethereal and atmospheric, the sound of this track conjures up imagery of putting your hands in the air and moving your body in slow motion all the while also sounding like your traveling through space and time, a love child of Jean-Michel Jarre if you will. What I guess I’m trying to say is that ‘Alberi’ is a little bit trippy in its sound.

‘Alberi’ is therefore a track you need in your collection if you are a lover of electronic music and is a track that makes you feel something, but in a way that you won’t know how or what it is exactly you are feeling, and that my friends is the sign of great music and proof, if you still needed it, that electronic music does indeed have soul and feeling.

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