Review: Æves – Desire

Æves – Desire
Self Release

1. Wild Hearts
2. Loaded Love
3. Haunted
4. Wild Hearts (Victor Corbett Remix)
5. Loaded Love (Stripped)
6. Wild Hearts (Stripped)

If I said what I have for you today is an Alternative Pop band with a female singer, 9 out of 10 of you are likely to know what sound your about to hear is going to be, for those those that are none-the-wiser as to what I mean by that think of the multiple clones of Paramore that have risen since their rise to prominence, it’s unfortunately how a lot of music has become in this modern era, however with ‘Desire’ Æves have taken that sound that your thinking of and twisted it slightly, in fact I would state that this is more just a pop record than anything else.

‘Desire’ in itself is not a bad record, Wild Hearts, Loaded Love and Haunted are all perfectly please-able songs but once you move past what you have in them its where things get a bit shaky and again the annoying modern trend takes over, to go with the three original songs are a remix of ‘Wild Hearts’ and stripped versions of ‘Loaded Love’ and ‘Wild Hearts’. I would rather have 6 new original songs to digest, they have the substance the sound to keep you listening which is what is most annoying about it because what they have hooked you in one is then repeated just in different versions. Even if you’re holding back for the release of a long player, I would have much preferred to have just had a three track release, the other three offerings included here could have been a separate little release later or simply a nice little fan give away.

With all that said the stripped versions do give a different vibe to the originals which is something at least and the EP as a whole is worth checking out and will no doubt go down well for those that like their pop with more thought, character and with an alternative/indie feel.

RATING: 4.5/10


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