Listen: NHOAH – 120 Red Skies zu Remixen EP

Berlin-based electronic artist NHOAH shares latest EP, ‘120 Red Skies’ available now, featuring remixes by Pixelord , Mieko Suzuki and Peter Zirbs , as well another version of the original recorded in French.

In NHOAH’s original mix of ‘ 120 Red Skies’ , Berlin’s resonance is seemingly echoic. The track, lifted from NHOAH’s dazzling upcoming LP West-Berlin ( release on 13th April 2018 ) , reverberates juxtaposed ideas within the album, both experimental in places yet mechanical in others.

Pixelord’s remix of ‘120 Red Skies’ is an atmospheric escape from bustling cityscapes and winter’s numbing clasp; complete with concrete percussion, a brilliant aura of kaleidoscopic synthesizer bliss, and distanced, yet lingering vocal samples producing a hypnotic, undulating effect.

NHOAH’s own Ohweh remix is an club-ready response to the original track’s complex nature, almost double in length, this version features wispy electronics, cascading arpeggios and vibrant beats.

Peter Zirbs takes it to another level – this energy-fueled remix is sure to move bodies – it’s backed with energetic beats and immersive drive.
The experimental take on the original produced by Mieko Suzuki is a pulsating, lucid dream; swelling synths and pounding bass drums sit atop blistering ambience and thrilling soundscapes.

Also included in this package is French version of ‘ 120 Red Skies ’.