Review: ANNALIA – Wavelength EP

Self Released

1. Affinity
2. Wavelength
3. Traces
4. Dust
5. Hurt My Feelings

Over the last year there has been an exciting emergence of indie pop music, it has come in many forms from both acoustic instruments to full on electronic, the main thing with the music coming out of this scene is that the artists are behind the music we are getting, which in itself gives it more character and emotion since the artist themselves know exactly what they are trying to say and portray in the song. One of those emerging artists has been ANNALIA who first come to my attention with the track ‘Dust’ featured here on the ‘Wavelength’ EP.

Wavelength is an EP that any major label artist would be proud of and shows that the underground/indie pop scene is at its core a more exciting area to be navigating around and what makes it even more exciting is that the emergence in this scene are all highly talented and skilled female artists.

Wavelength is a 5 track offering that mixes all the elements mentioned above, at its heart it is a pulsing electronic pop record that you can dance to but ANNALIA has also blended in the acoustic instruments to give it a more rounded and robust sound that not only elevates it in sonic quality but gives the emotions behind the songs that little extra something. ANNALIA even closed the EP out by going full on acoustic with a sultry folky pop sound that brings an whole other level to this record and shows the full range of her songwriter and is perfect for a Sunday chill or rainy day playlist.

Wavelength is as close to a perfect pop record that I have heard this year or indeed last and should put ANNALIA’s name up there with the names currently bathed in the bright lights of the major labels.

RATING: 5/5