Review: Jessie Munro – On My Own EP

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Jessie Munro – On My Own EP
Self Released

1. If Your Eyes Could Talk
2. Under Fire
3. I’d Like To
4. On My Own
5. Enough For Me
6. Patiently I Wait

Twenty-three year-old Toronto born, Los Angeles based artist Jessie Munro has been mesmerizing audiences worldwide, with her stunning soulful vocals and sleek, modern-electro R&B/pop. Finding her start in classical music and musical theatre, Munro went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music, propelling her songwriting abilities and giving her the musical maturity which is evident throughout her music. The soulful songstress has now released her debut EP On My Own, a six-track release which tackles the stages of post break-up.

This is a delightful collection of songs that make it a strong debut offering by any standards and blends all the best elements of indie rock, soul, R&B and pop together to make a sound unlike many artist out today. Munro’s vocals are succulent throughout bringing out the emotion within each track to really make you feel what the song if conveying which is perfect for a collection of songs that tells the story of living through bleak heartbreak.

On My Own brings the old and new together perfectly with Munro herself stating that “we were trying to harness old school classic sounds and marry them with modern sounds”, and this has been done with such skill that the songs could fit nicely next to both in any playlist.

This is a perfect record for those still trying to discover what their musical tastes are and for those that know what they like, it has a bit of everything for everyone and for an artist so young that is an accomplishment in itself.


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