Watch: Jeff Carl – Buried In New York

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jeff Carl has shared his cinematic video for his new single ‘Buried In New York’.

The polished electro pop tune, has a bit of everything from swirling synths, mood setting vocals and a beat that is both perfectly set with offset percussion and clicks. The video compliments the song perfectly showing all the emotions that the song evokes.

Speaking of his music Jeff says “I think the reason I’ve fought so hard to find myself is so no one can ever say I’m something else, I don’t know if my music sounds like something you’ve never heard before. It probably doesn’t. There’s so much out there nowadays, but what I hope sets my music apart is its voice… its perspective and courage… courage to be itself, to explore the depths of light and darkness the human experience has to offer, to invite you in, not just for my journey, but for your own. My music starts with me alone in a bedroom trying to figure out an emotion, but it ends with something much bigger than me… discovery… of something true, something learned, something shared by us all… a sense of commonality. ‘Cause again, we’re all sitting at the same table playing the same goddamn game. My music’s just my attempt at sharing the experience so we all, or maybe even just so I, can feel a little less alone.


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