Listen: SACRE – 7:00PM Vahine

Parisian electro-pop duo SACRE have shared their brand new single ‘7:00PM Vahine’ via their own imprint, Palmtree Hotel. The single is the first of many to be shared from their forthcoming album ‘Love Revolution’ which will be part of SACRE’s exciting project that harnesses music, photography and storytelling; the new album will be released track by track every first Friday of the month, for every month in 2019.

SACRE’s latest single release ‘7:00PM Vahine’ is a quirky but interesting track with a funk-fuelled vibes that features eclectic samples, upbeat tempos and sunny melodies, blended with crunchy dark basslines, vocal manipulations and hard-hitting beats, that whisk you away to a world of tropical avante garde pop and electronic expression.

On their new single release, SACRE comment, “A sweet arsonist stripper on the run, an ancient love stone, an irritating psychic, the first wedding of a mute gas attendant, the very famous coconut bar, dark mavericks from mount Olympus…A simple night that everyone will forget. This is Love Revolution, the new odyssey of SACRE.


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