Introducing The Weekly Playlist

The Alternative Nation have joined Spotify to bring you even MORE new music!


Ch-ch-ch-changes (Coming To The Site & Show)

In the coming weeks you will notice some changes to the alternative nation both here on the website and on the podcast.

Definitely 90s

Around the time I decided it was time to get The Alternative Nation Podcast rolling again I had the idea to do a show that paid homage to what for me is the greatest period in music – the 1990’s. I understand that some of you that will find this here post will say “hold…

Glastonbury Thoughts & Opinions

My first thoughts on this years festival must go to one of the hottest topics about any festival and that is the headliners. This year saw one of the biggest debates when it comes to a Glastonbury headliner, even more so then when Jay Z topped the bill back in 2008, in the form of Metallica.